Taking Advantage

By: Neil Howland

We have now been in Spain for approximately two weeks. I think everyone is starting to settle in and learn more about themselves in the way of living almost completely independently. I thought that is was going to be harder to adjust to living in a city with 300,000 people. I don’t really know how to describe it but I feel comfortable making my way around the city. Just today I walked out of my homestay and I just walked without a map or my phone to guide me, and I made it to the beach just based on the sense of direction that I have picked up in just over two weeks. I think one of the best parts about Alicante, if not the best part in how it is a big city but has a small city feel. It has all the restaurants, shops, and aspects of a big city you could want but still has the feel of a place that is not overwhelming or hard to handle. I think its not at the forefront of our minds now, but soon this will be over and we will just be students back on campus again and I think taking advantage of these times and really soaking in as much as we can is going to bring nothing but positives to not only ourselves but the communities we join as well.



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