We the People

By: Nate Jones

We The People are faced with a tough choice in the coming days. A choice that is far too often overlooked and unvalued by the apathy that consumes some of America. This choice carries varied amounts of weight with each person. For some it is a fire-breathing, yellow-journalism-filled dragon who lives with the Grinch-who-stole-freedom on top of their discouraging red, white and blue mountain of differing opinions. Some make a joke out of this choice, but the American people need to know that this is no laughing matter. A nation-altering choice leaves no room for humor, so all the bad hombres and nasty women of the world can leave their clever shirts at the door. Because this is no time for memes. It’s time to get serious. It’s time to get dedicated. It’s time to get knowledgeable. It’s time to stop hiding behind message boards, comment-sections and start putting in the effort to really make a difference.

The time has come. This choice has inevitably counted it’s way down to us for years now. It’s something that you can take pride in. It’s something many Americans hate to do. It’s the casting of one’s opinion, and lord knows if it doesn’t involve a keyboard and a like button most won’t even say what their favorite film is. For others an opinion is their strongest asset, and it is shared heavily on social media sites in long, sometimes hate-filled rants with the goal of convincing the world their right, completing a self-cleansing exercise of regurgitated statistics and half-correct facts or something.. Some of us just aren’t sure what all those are about, but hey I love the first amendment, so share away angry citizens. For some this period of their lives drives them to seek out the good in everyone. They see all the hate and the anger, and they offer themselves as a humble mediator to all of our debates. You know the people, you know the comments. Comments as heart changing as “Can’t we all just get along?”.

You know what? I think the philosophy major with a minor in religious studies in all of us is right. We can all just get along, but we need to develop a national sense of understanding with one another. Nothing is going to ever get accomplished with all this fighting. A lot of America feels like a war zone right now. In a time as intense and important as the time we are in right now we must band together to find a more perfect union. We have an important choice to either support Two Guys One Couch in their time of need, or apathetically shy away from the harsh realities of life. Listen guys, we can make talk-show television great again. Yes we can. Stand with us in these hard times, and we promise we will lead you to a land of opportunity, a land of free-expression and a land of national solidarity. We have seen what the world looks like. We have heard your concerns and we know how to fix it. So I guess you just have to ask yourself one question. Who do you stand for? The democratic, fair and just men of Two Guys One Couch or the current totalitarian and fascist regime of Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and Conan.  #TwoGuysOneNationUnited


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