10 Things I Never Knew About Alicante and the People Living There

By: Sammy Johnson

  1. Spaniards eat a lot of rice.
  2. Bullfighting is not popular in Alicante.
  3. Children under the age of 7 go to bed very late, sometimes at midnight on a weekday.
  4. Lunch is usually form 2-3pm.
  5. Mostly every resident has a small dog, usually a pure bred dog.
  6. No homes have air conditioning (that I know of).
  7. All the younger children and teens learn English in school and speak it fairly well.
  8. No one walks around barefoot in their homes.
  9. In a family, the children typically don’t move out of their home until they are likely in their early to mid 30s.
  1. Alicante has many castles.

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