A Perfect Night in Rome

By: Cheyenne Wilson

The day began as any other, we woke up later than we planned, got ready and headed out to explore the town. We took the metro into the heart of Rome, headed down the main shopping street and aimed for the coliseum. We stood in the same place where Romans fought to the death, which had a creepy feeling to it. We walked through the ruins of the old Roman City and watched a guy almost get tackled by the army men. We had a terrible lunch that were pretty sure was microwaved and then we went back out to shop. To finish up the night we had a nice dinner with great pasta and expensive wine that was the cheapest they had. After dinner we headed in separate directions, Angelo and I went out to explore the town. We knew we needed to take a bus or tram to a section of the city a little too far to walk. We tried and tried to read the bus signs and understand the stops and no matter what we tried it was incomprehensible to us. Finally, we asked some guys speaking English if they could help us. All 5 of them pulled out their phones and got us directions, most Canadians really are just nice people. After we finally made it on the right bus we realized it wasn’t saying the bus stops so we were playing a guessing game about getting off. We hopped off somewhere that was kind of close to where we wanted to be. The end goal was M8 Mate Bar and it seemed impossible to get there. We decided to make the most of our travel through the city and enjoy the journey. We found streets of the city filled with people and street performers and vendors. We stopped in different places along the way and I haggled a vendor for a tapestry, I got it almost half price, it was pretty impressive. As we happened upon things throughout the city I could not have asked for a better night. Things seem to be more enjoyable when you enjoy the journey just as much as the end goal. I think we were able to see the real nightlife of Rome, not the overpriced tourist-attracted areas like we did the first night. When we finally made it to the M8 Mate Bar it was just what we hoped for, busy and a pretty cool place. Just like in the way when after he made it to the end goal he kept going so did we, except this time with food as the priority. We had a great burger in a little shop and decent tiramisu in a restaurant. When we headed home we again realized we still have no idea how the bus system works and we had to ask someone to point us in the right direction. We had to walk a while and stand out in the cold waiting forever for the bus but it was a perfect night in Rome.


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