By: Mary DiMartino

“Mary, necesitas aprovechar.” Every night at dinner, my (host) dad says these same words to me, over and over again. In English, this translates to “You need to take advantage of,” meaning, I need to take advantage of all the wonderful and endless opportunities here in Spain. One of the things I love most about my (host) family is that they encourage me, and even push me, to do things while I’m here, whether it be something as simple as going out at night, or something bigger, like a trip to Rome. Our time is short here: only 6 weeks (now just 3). It feels as if I’ve just gotten accustomed to the unique lifestyle here in Spain, and soon I’ll have to leave it. That being said, for these next three weeks, I’m going to “aprovechar” (take advantage) of everything there is to do here in Spain, and on a bigger scale, Europe. I can’t wait to explore Rome, Barcelona, the Camino, and even the parts of Alicante that I have not familiarized myself with. I’m excited to find parts of myself in these places that I have yet to discover and to immerse myself within all the various cultures I’ll be in. In these next couple weeks, I want to do, see, and experience everything to its fullest because in 20 years will I be happier that I took a 3-hour nap during siesta, or explored the beautiful city of Alicante? And as for the next 3 and a half years at Elon… I plan on taking advantage of those too. While 3 and a half years is significantly longer than 6 weeks, I’m sure our time on campus will fly by just as quickly as it did here in Spain, and in general, this entire GAP semester. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down and look around, you might miss it.”

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