By: Neil Howland

Growing up I was surrounded by different pets weather they were my families at home, friends or just any animal you see really. But the common theme was once they got used to you they were fine and gave up on freaking out every time you saw them. When I read that my homestay family in Spain had a dog I was excited because I like animals and I thought it was going to be really easy to get along. When I met Audrey the little 25lb dog that I have lived with for the last three weeks I didn’t think anything of the energy she had because that is what most dogs do when you meet them for the first time. During the first couple days, whenever I came out of my room, or when I was eating or when I was in the living room watching TV, she would be barking at the top of her lungs and jumping all over me sometimes even nibbling at my hands. The part I feel the most badly about is when I leave early in the morning or come home a little later at night as soon as the lock clicks she starts barking ferociously. This pattern persisted for the first week or two and I thought to myself I have never met an animal this persistent. Yesterday I went out in the living room and just stood/ sat with Audrey and let her go absolutely bananas for about an hour and all of the sudden she was quiet and we just sat in quiet for the first time in three weeks. I have not done too much testing today but I am hopeful some of that time paid off a little. That experience with Audrey gave me yet another example in life of putting forth the effort and sticking something out even I it doesn’t seem like it will ever happen.

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