By: Juliana Siler

Distance in Europe is a bizarre thing. You’re only a three hour car ride from France, but it takes nearly an hour to get to school every morning even though it’s only about a fifteen minute car ride. Your friends can live four apartment buildings down from you and the only time you see them is at school, or maybe on the main street leaving your section of town over the weekends. The people you don’t actively seek to hang out with, you won’t, because it isn’t mandatory that we’re together all the time anymore. We can once again meet for dinners and actually have to catch each other up on our week, because we genuinely don’t know what everyone else has done with their week, besides the three and a half hours we spend together at school four times a week. It’s weird to be so close to people that we’ve all spent three months around non-stop, but to not be near them.


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