Grateful for Gap

By: Brendan Gallagher

The opportunity that I’ve been granted over this past semester finally sunk in a couple of days ago. Noah and I were relaxing and reminiscing on the beach of Alicante on a clear-skied Wednesday night. We both didn’t hesitate to acknowledge how unreal of a semester we’ve had thus far and how we couldn’t have envisioned it any other way. Sure, being on Elon’s aesthetic campus would have been enjoyable, but I wouldn’t trade the connections and experiences we’ve made on GAP for anything. I truly lucked out with such a diverse and entertaining group of fellow freshmen. However, it would be ignorant for me not to thank ECoder for all of her selfless planning and organization for the group over the past couple of  months. So, thank you ECoder for everything, although it may seem that your unmeasurable amount of time and effort dedicated to us often goes unnoticed. It is also inexpressible to note the amount of character development and tolerance for adversity individuals have encapsulated since NOLS. There were various members who struggled with the daily burdens in the Rocky Mountains, but continued to persevere with a limited amount of verbal complaining. It was quite a transition from the “back country” to everyday society after NOLS but it was an ideal way to put our previous month of personal growth into perspective. GAP is so difficult to sum up on paper or even verbally but I can honestly say that applying to become a part of this opportunity has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in who knows how long. I cannot believe that this run is finally coming to an end and I’m excited to continue my college career with a core group of friends I’ve made along the way. That being said, I’m also too hyped to return home to recap the past semester with both my family and friends. There are multiple life skills that I have learned and developed over this past semester that I can hopefully transfer to life back home and on campus in the United States. Life is good and I thank God every day for all of these blessings.


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