The Tourist

By: Noah Zaiser

Over the program abroad, I’ve seen a diverse range of locales in Europe, so here’s a guided tour of what I’ve seen.

noah-1Stop 1: The Castle In Old Town

We visited this castle earlier in the trip through a tour in October, but the sights were so breathtaking that I had to go back. There are a ton of stairs, but the reward for climbing each is the rich history that one can observe from beyond the antiquated but fortified walls. —>

noah-2Stop 2: Playa del Postiguet

La Playa, or “The Beach” is so close to the castle that it would only make sense to make the short journey over. With the Castle directly in view, there’s no shortage of stunning vistas along and past the shoreline. Occasionally Brendan and I will find ourselves here in the evening, whether it’s to eat, watch activity that surrounds the area, or just to chill for a while. It’s a simple place, but one of my favorites. —>

noah-3Stop 3: Central Alicante

While difficult to tell, Central Alicante is a very busy and ridiculously fun place. Home to El Barrio (The central home for bars and restaurants), a group of about 5 or 6 of us would consistently frequent this area for the first two weeks to check out the night life, which is very active in Alicante. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the diversity of locations here, and find myself passing through most days. —>

noah-4Stop 4: Belgium

What? We’re not in Alicante, or even Spain anymore! Precisely. Over this past weekend, Laura and I were afforded the opportunity to visit Luxembourg, passing through Belgium on the way. I took this photo just after we exited the airport, and the streets looked lively with beautifully painted graffiti on some walls. The area was chilly, but it didn’t detract from the great architecture and experience overall. —>

noah-5Stop 5: Luxembourg

Luxembourg, in a word, was brilliant. From the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in, to the concert venue we were packed into, I can honestly say this was one of my top life moments. This picture is straight from a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, my all-time favorite band, who put on a show-stopping performance. Not only was I able to travel to a beautiful country, but see an unbelievably talented American band play right in front of me and a fellow GAP member for two hours. How many students can say that? —>

noah-6Stop 6: Back to Alicante (Spain)

While Alicante has been covered, I was able to view a stunning Spanish countryside just outside of the city on the flight back. There is truly no end to the adventure.

If there’s a word to describe it all, it’s thankful. Few people are able to see what I’ve seen so far at my age, and even less in a week’s time. This is not a trip, but an experience, and it’s unlike any other.



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