Top 10 Things that are Different Here in Spain

By: Emerson Loria

  1. Outdoor community- maybe it’s the nice weather or maybe it’s because of how pretty the city itself is, either way people here are always outside or enjoying the time. The streets always have people and restaurants always have customers, all I know is that people truly are out and about.
  2. A drink with your meal- in the United States you are looked at poorly if you start drinking alcohol too early in the morning, but here the culture around alcohol is very different. Beer or wine can be had at almost every meal.
  3. Alcohol- people in Spain basically never get drunk, they drink but only one beer or glass of wine at a time, so getting drunk isn’t something that happens much at all.
  4. Jaywalking- in the United States, if there is half a second between two cars on the road, someone will try to cross. But in Spain they truly never break the jaywalking law.  It is very rare for me to see people crossing the street without the little walkman sign on the street light.
  5. Dogs- I used to think that America was too obsessed with their dogs, but then I came to Spain and I changed my mind. In Spain dogs are everywhere, way more than in America, and all kinds of dogs too, small, big, purebred, mutt, they got it all.
  6. Cars- cars are still just about everywhere like in the United States but something I noticed is the size of the cars here. All the cars I have seen are much smaller than the cars back home; with crowded cities and small roads I guess it only makes sense to have small cars.
  7. Graffiti- in America graffiti is hidden from most people and generally taken down as soon as possible. But in Spain graffiti is everywhere and everywhere, not really hidden at all and it doesn’t seem like the government is trying to take it down.
  8. Level 0- in America the ground level is floor number 1, but in Spain the ground level is floor number 0. Floor number 1 here in Spain is the floor above that, which is floor number 2 back home.
  9. Fresh food- back home people generally go grocery shopping once a month and get huge amounts of food to last for that time. But here people go at least once a week because the food is so fresh and doesn’t have any preservatives so they need to eat their food quickly before it goes bad.
  10. The news- every night the news channel will spend about 5 minutes talking about what is going on in America, which fascinated me because in America we rarely see anything on the news that is not in America. Which makes you wonder about the general public’s awareness of the world around them.

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