15 Things that Still Surprise Me after 4 Weeks in Spain

By: Cheyenne Wilson

  1. How awful the city can smell: one minute you’re just walking along then BAM your hit with a smell that makes you want to instantly throw up
  2. The amount of walking we do every. Single. Day.
  3. How much survival Spanish I’ve been able to pick up while living in Spain, I really thought there would never be a day I could easily order my dinner
  4. However, I’m pretty sure my host family dog understands more Spanish than me.
  5. The movies and TVshows: they just mute the English words and have a Spanish voice over, so the actor’s mouths are moving to English words but you hear Spanish.
  6. Breakfast isn’t really a meal, more like a snack of a croissant and tiny coffee.
  7. The hot chocolate is more like brownie mix??? Huge bummer.
  8. How awesome my Spanish Mamá can cook, every meal is great. One day she made pasta with HOMEMADE tomato sauce, almost better than the pasta in Italy.
  9. How many things there are still left for us to explore, we seem to find another amazing place every time we go out.
  10. Many. Puppies. Everywhere. At any given time I can walk down the main road into the plaza and see a minimum of 5 dogs, at busy times there are anywhere from 15-20, its heaven.
  11. The way Spaniards don’t fully cook their meats, I’ve gotten very raw hamburgers, essentially tossed on the grill, flipped and taken off, and that’s normal.. I also had completely raw salmon at a very nice restaurant and I don’t think I have very high quality taste.
  12. The hospitality and hostility of people, you never know what you’re gonna get.
  13. The street performers are amazing, but why do they ever get into something like that and if they’re good why don’t they do something more with their talent? How do they make a living? I may never understand.
  14. Time change, gets me every time I try to talk to family and friends back home.
  15. In some areas every building is a work of art, and some people pass by never noticing and never appreciating their surroundings.

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