Barcelona Soccer Game

By: Angelo Boone

Wow, I never have imagined the possibility of me going to a soccer game in Spain but man am I glad I did! It was more of a last minute decision (an expensive one), but it was definitely a highlight of my Barcelona experience. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible. The game was not considered a very big one but even so the entire place was packed! I went with Neil and Tommy and as soon as we got there we stopped at a little kiosk and bought some scarves and hats. The stadium was a lot bigger than I imagined, so it took us a little while to find our seats. Once we did we were able to get food and drinks for much cheaper than I would expect, and much cheaper than any sports team in the United States would cost, so that was good! The game itself seemed to fly by. Unfortunately it ended in a tie, but I actually liked it because the entire stadium was ecstatic the last 10 minutes of the game. The experience as a whole will definitely be an unforgettable one.


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