FC Barcelona

By: Neil Howland

This weekend we went to Barcelona and it was an absolute great experience to get to know and understand a new city. On of the highlights to the weekend was going to see F.C. Barcelona the soccer team of the area play Malaga, another team in La Liga. We were talking about weather or not we wanted to go to the game all week and we made the smart decision to wait until five hours before to finally choose to go. It was a mad dash to try and find a few tickets together in a row. With Barcelona being such a famous team and with the amount of history involved I guess I came up with many different preconceptions. It seems as though for fans in America the game is more about the experience and not the sport. You see all the tailgates and the fans who are more there for the “party scene” than the actual game. The extent to the fan ship seemed to be more professional than anything I have seen in the United States. For starters the first most noticeable thing was the lack of drinking that you see in the U.S. I believe this could be attributed to the fact it is more about the sport than the party. And also the sportsmanship was unlike things I have seen in some American sports as well. Obviously the was loud and somewhat obnoxious cheering, but as far as I could tell, with my little Spanish linguistic experience, it seemed to be for Barcelona not against Malaga. This was really an interesting experience to see a differing cultural aspect in something like sports, which is relatable in both cultures. Unfortunately it ended in a tie.

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