By: Alexa Baer

This week I finally got paella. We were in Barcelona and Cheyenne and I decided to split a seafood paella. It was good but there were too many vegetables. Cheyenne didn’t want the mussels they put in it so I got to eat them and they were very yummy. The meal looked fantastic when it came out however there were shrimps that were still attached to their shells in the dish. I didn’t know how to eat it and neither did Cheyenne. So we decided to dissect it. I cut it in half and started poking the half with the shrimps tail. I saw the shrimps poop strip and decided it was gross. So then I went and cut up the side with the head. Big mistake. I got to the shrimps brain and it was gross. So we ignored the other two shrimps and ate more of the paella. Then Cheyenne dissects the second shrimp. She does it right and the shrimp is edible. Then I tried again with the last shrimp but I couldn’t cut it right. And also the thought of eating it while it still looks like an animal creeps me out. So I guess the moral of the story is I don’t know how to cut shrimp, I don’t like veggies and paella is muy bien.


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