By: Juliana Siler

Spain is a country with a rich historical background. From castles built in the twelfth century to cobblestone market streets Spain oozes history. Pablo Picasso one of the world’s most famous painters was from Spain, and I had the opportunity to go to the Picasso museum yesterday during our weekend in Barcelona. It was an interesting museum that had texts printed on the wall detailing his evolution as an artist, along with hundreds of pieces of his art. Throughout his life Picasso had many different phases of art, he began as a realist, and quickly switched to impressionism, where in my opinion he made some of his best works, and then to cubism which he is most known for. The exhibit also detailed his relationships with other artists of his era, and how they influenced his work, and how he influenced theirs, it was amazing to see how they played off of each other’s techniques and styles to create masterpieces. The Picasso museum also housed a temporary exhibit on cubism and its influence on the Great War. It emphasized the importance of keeping contemporary art alive, when most artists of the time were being sent to the front lines of the war to photograph and video the carnage and brutality taking place. It included works of many artists that lived in France at the time, such as Picasso, Rivera, Blanchard and Gris, and their interpretations of the war through a cubist lens. The exhibit displayed the photographs that were taken by other artists during the war, alongside the cubism pieces and it was interesting to see the different takes on the war through both perspectives. Overall the museum was amazing, and it made the weekend in Barcelona even better.



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