By: Mary DiMartino

This past weekend Ang, Nate, Cheyenne, and I all flew to Rome and spent a few days in the beautiful city. During my short time there, I learned quite a bit….

  1. Don’t stop and talk to the people trying to sell you expensive tickets (group tour, skip the line) outside of big attractions like the Vatican or Colosseum – even if they seem sincere at first!! Don’t let them trick you!!
  2. You easily forget Spanish if you’re not speaking it all the time L For the 4 days we were travelling/in Rome we all spoke English and heard some Italian which was complete gibberish. Never did I ever think 4 short days of not being immersed in Spanish would affect me, but the morning after I got back I kept having to ask my mom to repeat what she said.
  3. Rome is cold. We’ve been pretty spoiled the past few weeks with the nice Alicante weather, but this weekend we got a taste of what we’d been missing. Cheyenne bought a coat one night because it was so cold, and I was very very close to doing the same.
  4. Airbnb is definitely the way to go for overnight accommodations. It was just as cheap as staying in a hostel would have been, and we had our own nice little cozy apartment to come back to each night. Shout out to Rita for letting us stay in her apartment on such a short notice!!! 🙂
  5. Italy actually has bad pasta… When you think of Italy you think of exquisite 5-star pasta dishes, however, this is not always the case. One day for lunch we went to a café that served us microwaved meals… blah
  6. However if you take the time to seek out a good restaurant, you will find yourself 2 hours later completely content with a giant food baby. 🙂
  7. Time goes by SO fast – 4 days isn’t a lot of time to begin with, but it went by way quicker than I thought it would. Always be taking in your surroundings and immersing yourself in your experience. You will appreciate that once your experience is over and all you have left are the memories you created.
  8. Some of the less tourist-y attractions/things to do are the most fun. Although seeing the Vatican, the Colosseum, Old Rome, etc., was really cool and memorable, I think I enjoyed the little things the most: eating gelato, having conversations with the lady who worked at the gelato shop, walking down the streets of Rome and seeing all the street artists, and so on.
  9. When food tastes good, Italians say “buono” and put their index finger up to their cheek and twist it.
  10. In Rome (and possibly all of Italy/Europe?) they advertise McDonald’s food products as they actually look in real life versus in America where a McDouble looks shiny and juicy and delicious in pictures but when you order one it looks the complete opposite.



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