The Last Week (Kinda)

By: Sammy Johnson

This week is a big week for the Gap group. Or, at least it’s a big week for me. We have to partake in class registration on Elon’s schedule, not Spain’s, we have presentations in our culture class, we are traveling to Barcelona, and we have to prepare to say farewell to our homestay families. Time has flown by living in Spain. Coming to Alicante I thought, “this will be the slow part of this semester.” NOLS went very quickly considering we spent the majority of the month in the wilderness. Service-learning traveling across country also went significantly quick knowing that we had to pack up our things practically every night and travel to a new location. Spain was the first time in months that I could and can settle myself in one place. I can familiarize myself with the city I am living in and act as one of the residents. Now, as registration and housing applications are coming up, I’m more connected with the States than I have been in weeks. I’m living on the schedule of the US, following their times and staying up until 10:05 pm to simply register for classes. Finally, I can feel that my stay in Spain is coming to a close and I have to say goodbye soon to the thins I cherish here most.

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