US or Spain

By: Emerson Loria

After spending so much time in Spain I naturally thought about what it would be like if I ended up moving here.  And because of that I decided to figure out which country is actually better, so here are the categories I looked at and who won each one.

  1. Life expectancy- US: 78 years Spain: 82 years
  2. Unemployment rate- US: 4.9% Spain: 22.7%
  3. Education- US: 14th in the world Spain: 31st in the world
  4. GDP rankings- US: 2nd Spain: 14th
  5. World happiness rank- US: 14th Spain: 37th
  6. World healthcare ranking- US: 37th Spain: 30th
  7. World food rankings- US: 9th Spain: 4th
  8. World government rankings- US: 11th Spain: did not make list (it was top 25)
  9. Crime level (the higher the number the worse it is)- US: 56 Spain: 29
  10. World military ranking- US: 1st Spain: did not make list (it was top 25)

So with the United States beating Spain in 6 of the 10 categories it is clear that at least based on these areas, the United States has the better statistics.  So regardless to how great it may seem to be here in Spain I guess I should be grateful for the ability to come back to my great hometown.


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