Camino de Santiago

By: Brendan Gallagher

Couldn’t have asked for a better way to close out Spain. The first day was a grind to say the least because of the perpetual rainfall throughout the hike in tandem with the chilly weather. Staying positive was a key to success during this day and thankfully we were able to dry off our soaked clothes at the hostel after the hike. After being rather lazy during the final few days in Alicante, the Camino was a solid way to close out the Spain experience. Rafita and Rafa major were a dynamic duo of hike leaders and I was able to improve my Spanish immensely. Angelo and I had some in depth talks about our opposition to materialism and spirituality among other things, as we were able to gradually reflect on our overall Gap experience. I can’t believe it’s all said and done but I couldn’t have scripted it any better. I’m excited to reunite with the family and continue the Elon journey on campus in January. 



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