Day in the Life of a Gap Student in Spain

By: Emerson Loria

I wake up at about 7:20 in the morning and go into the bathroom to take my morning shower.  I then get myself dried off and dressed and then I go to the kitchen to get myself something for breakfast.  Breakfast here is very light so I generally just eat some fruit and yogurt.  After all this is done it’s about 8 o’clock and I head down to the courtyard where I meet up with Brendan and Noah.  Once we three are there we head across the street to the bus stop.  The bus then takes us directly to the university so we get to our class about 30 minutes early every day.  After our Spanish and culture class we all get on the tram to go back to our host families (we don’t take the bus because it doesn’t arrive when we finish classes).  Once I get back to my house it is about 1:30, so I usually watch a little bit of TV since I’m the only one in the house at that time. At about 2:30 the entire family has arrived home and we finally sit down and have lunch together.  After that my brothers like to do any homework I have so that’s what I do as well, such as our daily summaries or this blog post.  After that I and my host brothers will play something together like a video game or card game.  Then at around 9:30 the family all comes together again and has dinner.  After dinner everyone kind of does their own thing.  Sometimes they go in their own rooms, other times they hang out in the living room.  And at about 11:45 I say goodnight to my family and I go to bed.


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